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Scalp Micropigmenation 101


What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is currently the only non-surgical solution for hair loss that is 100% effective. We apply thousands of micro-pigment dots to your scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. Whether you want to fill in a scar, a thinning area of your hair, or have no hair at all. At EHC, we have mastered the art of scalp micro pigmentation with extensive training and experience in the industry. We have developed our own unique technique. As a result, we will give you a natural, realistic, look that is indistinguishable from real hair even up close.




How long does the treatment take?

Depending on the extent of your hair loss, our procedure takes about 3-4 hours for the first session, 2-3 hours for the second session and 2-3 hours for the third session. All sessions are a minimum of 10 days apart to give the pigments time to completely settle although these timescales are flexible depending on the individual.




How much does the treatment cost?

Each treatment is tailored to each client so the cost can vary from one individual to another. The cost depend on the extent of your hair loss, condition of your scalp and various other factors. At EHC we offer a best price guarantee so our clients know that they are getting the best deal possible. The cost can be split over the three sessions required or we also offer finance over three, six, nine or twelve months.




How can we offer such value for money in comparison to other clinics?

There are several Scalp micropigmentation clinics charging their clients thousands for treatment however, we know it is our clients that make our business so we offer our clients the best value for money whilst still making a profit. We can do this because our state-of-the-art clinic is not located in an expensive prime city centre location but rather in a business centre in Falkirk town centre, this is by design. By locating ourselves here we do not incur the huge overheads that inevitably come with a city centre location yet, we are placed just 20 minutes by train from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling making us very convenient to get too. We are less than a minutes walk from Falkirk Grahamston train station.

Being based here also has the added advantage of being very private. We believe this is super important to our clients as many appreciate privacy and discretion.




Will the pigment fade or change colour?

This is not tattoo ink, this is specially formulated organic carbon based pigment used only for Scalp Micropigmentation. IT CANNOT CHANGE COLOUR because the pigment does not have any constituent colours. (Click here for video showing the difference between tattoo ink and smp pigment) A little fading can occur over the years which can be minimised with the use of quality sun cream for summer days. The level of fading will vary from person to person depending on several factors – ethnicity, activity level, blood type etc. Additional touch ups are recommended every 6-9 years. They generally take around an hour and are charged at a discounted hourly rate.




Does it matter what colour my existing hair is?

In short no, the pigment we use is on a greyscale so we can match any follicle shade. Our experience allows us to not only match the colour of your follicle, but also to match the size and shape, giving you the most realistic hairline possible.




How soon after the consultation can I get started?

Consultations often lead to bookings. These appointments are based on the availability at the time and how many treatments we have scheduled. We can usually schedule treatments within a week or two of your initial consultation.




How long am I required to wait in between sessions?

Sessions are typically spaced a minimum of 10 days apart to allow the pigment time to settle. 




What makes our needles different from tattoo needles?

Our needles are nano-needles, they are a lot smaller and finer than tattoo needles. Unlike tattoo needles, nano-needles are thin enough to provide a natural look, a look that replicates natural hair follicles almost flawlessly. We use one of the thinnest needles in the industry (0.6 of a millimetre), and combined with our experience, we are able to create completely natural looking hair follicles.




How long will my scalp take to heal after my treatment?

Typically your scalp should be fully healed within a week of your procedure. We provide post care guidelines that should be followed for the first week and after that, all we ask is that you protect your scalp with a high SPF Sunscreen on summer days and avoid swimming pools for four weeks. With that said, you should be able to go to work or out to dinner immediately following your treatment. There is no real down time, as this is non-invasive although some redness of the scalp is normal for the first day or so after treatment.




Do you offer a guarantee?

At EHC, we expect to provide results that exceeds your expectations and it’s one of the biggest reasons we provide as standard three sessions with every package. If there are any concerns our clients would like to address before, during, or after their treatment, we will address them accordingly. We have never had one unsatisfied client. We take pride in our art, and make sure every client is completely satisfied by the time their final session is complete. We provide a FREE one year guarantee for any fading in the first year.




When should I shave my head leading up to my 1st session and how?

This depends on your scalp. For those who are bald, we suggest shaving it with a foil shaver the day of your procedure. For those who are very thin, we recommend buzz trimming the day of your procedure, or shaving with a foil shaver. This all depends on your specific scalp, and the look that you want to achieve, so please make sure to consult with us before arriving for your first treatment and we will be sure to guide you.




How is the look achieved?

The 3D effect relies on a range of different pigment shades and dot sizes being applied over the course of your treatment sessions. This enables some deposits to stand out among the rest. The usual practice is to use lighter pigments during the first session, slightly darker pigments during the second session, then a scattering of skilfully positioned dots with an even finer needle, using a darker pigment during the final session. In some cases these darker pigments are used during more than one session. The needles, machines, and artistry also have an effect on the final look. We have many different techniques that we have developed to give you the best natural looking results possible.




What if my scalp is dry?

If the technician notices your scalp is dry they may recommend a moisturising regime to follow before treatment starts. Be sure to read our  post-care instructions on how to properly care for your scalp after your procedure.




What is the difference between Scalp Micropigmentation and a hair tattoo?

Although it may be referred to as a hair tattoo and the concept is similar, scalp micropigmentation has key differences. Our pigment is carbon based so it will not change colour like many regular tattoos do, (the blue/green effect). Our needles only penetrate the upper dermis portion of skin, at a much shallower depth than a regular tattoo. We also use nano-needles which are a lot thinner than tattoo needles. Although it may seem like a head tattoo, it’s a completely different art form with completely different equipment and pigment. You should never allow a regular tattoo artist to work on your scalp, it’s a completely different job and completely different process. Certified and experienced SMP technicians have trained specifically to carry out SMP treatments and learn how to properly replicate hair follicles. Tattoo artists, although very skilled in their own right, do not have the skills to carry out SMP without specific training.




Will anyone notice I have had the treatment?

The look we provide is unbelievably authentic and realistic. Unless you tell them, they will not have a clue. Our lead technician Colin is a client of the treatment himself so during your consultation you will be able to see just how real it looks. Not one client we have treated has been noticed. SMP makes you look so much younger with a more natural hair line. Check out our photo gallery. The most common responses are “oh you should shave your head like that more” or “something is different, you look a lot younger, what did you do?” But they can never pinpoint what you did exactly.




What is the discomfort Level?

The discomfort level for most clients is 2 – 4 out of 10. Some people even fall asleep during their treatment. Men and women who have scarring from hair transplants tend to have a little more discomfort due to sensitivity and areas like the hairline can be a little more sensitive. If you are really sensitive to pain it may be worth taking two paracetamol an hour before your treatment, however always consult your doctor before taking any medication.




What happens when the needle inserts pigment into my scalp?

Our nano-needle implants pigment into the upper dermis part of the scalp which is made of up a matrix of cross fibres that have Lumen within the cells. The lumens allow the pigment to deposit into the upper dermis at a maximum depth of 0.4mm and stay consistent in size and shape. It is a very precise procedure and takes extensive training to master the feel of exactly how and where to insert each follicle one at a time.




Can this treatment work on people with pale skin and ginger or blonde hair?

Yes we are able to match any hair follicle colour whether blonde, red, brown or black! Most hair follicles are dark when shaved down so our blend of certain shades along our grayscale pigment will match any follicle.




Will I be able to do a 0 or 1 buzz, or do I need to razor shave daily to keep things realistic?

The two most popular length suggestions for the shaved head look are a 0 or 1 guard, but we do often have clients who prefer to razor-shave or foil-shave their scalp. This is a personal preference and also based on the speed at which your hair grows. It also depends on how much hair you already have on top. The more hair you have, the longer you can grow your hair out.




When can I get my head wet or sweat following my session?

Four days following your treatment, you can wash your head with water gently. Wait one week before using any products like shampoo, soap, lotion, etc.




My job requires physical labor, will sweating interfere with my healing? Can I go to the gym and workout?

You shouldn’t sweat until at least 4 days after your treatment as the pigment is water soluble and needs a chance to heal first. After four full days, you can sweat lightly, and heavy sweating by day eight.




Can Scalp Micropigmentation Camouflage Scars?

Yes, a big part of our business is disguising scars. We blend the scar with surrounding hair and it becomes invisible. Whether its a small ding or large scars all across your head, we can camouflage them very effectively with our treatment.




How will my scalp look immediately following treatment?

There will typically be redness for a day or two after treatment. The duration usually depends on your skin type. The pigment will initially appear darker than the “cured” result, which can take a week or so. Meaning your head will look darker than normal for a week following your treatment, until the pigment starts settling in to give you a natural look.




What will cause my pigment to fade?

The answer to this question lies in the individual makeup of each person’s DNA and daily routine. The sun has an impact on the life of the procedure and your individual dermal collagen micro structure. Your genetic code has a lot to do with this as well, such as oils in your tissues and the chemical bonds in your skin tissues. Long term sunlight radiation breaks down pigment and the pigment will dissolve into the skin. This could be the difference between your procedure lasting 6-9 years or only lasting 2-3 years due excessive sun exposure. This is why we strongly suggest using a strong, (factor 30 and above) quality sun cream. It is also the rejuvenation of your skin, how long it takes your tissues to heal themselves and much more. You have to understand that your body sees our pigment as a foreign object and naturally wants to reject it. The collagen micro structure acts different for each person, either fading away faster or slower. 




Do you have any real life examples of Scalp Micropigmentation to look at?

Our lead technician has had the treatment so you will immediately see the finished product during your consultation. 




How many years down the line will my treatment fade and how much is a touch-up?

We have seen people that have reached their ten year mark after having SMP and those who followed their post care instructions and kept their scalps away from over exposure to the sun have had no issues with fading. For those who did not or for those who are always exposed to the sun we provide a reduced hourly rate for all existing clients. Softening up is normal with time, and some clients even prefer it as they grow older. Whatever the case may be, we will always take care of our clients when they return to us.




My scalp will be pretty white compared to my face if I shave my head. Will tanning my head to even up skin tone affect my SMP?

Please do not tan before your treatment! Tanning can toughen up the skin and create difficulties in getting your skin to absorb the pigment. We like to view the scalp in its most natural state and the less irritated the better. Before adding any pigment we will take into consideration your natural skin tone and hair colour and create a look that is custom to you. It’s ok to be in the sun for short periods of time with sun cream, but do not overdo it as you want to minimise fading as much as possible.



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