Post-Care Instructions

Day 1-4

•   Physical effort which might make you sweat is a no-no. No washing your head or getting water on it for at least 4 days, the pigment we use is water soluble therefore sweating or getting your scalp wet in the 1st 4 days may cause pigment fading.


Day 5-6

•  It’s ok to shave your head at this point using an electric foil shaver as these are less likely to disturb your pigments. But keep the shaver away from any scabs that are still present on your head and don’t try to peel them away. Don’t use a razor on your head at this point.

•  Sweating is now OK and you are free to wash your scalp, but avoid shampoo and dab dry your head instead of rubbing dry.

• Moisturising your scalp is fine from day 5 and you can perform activities from which you sweat lightly. Lift some weights at a low pace but avoid tough cardio sessions.


Day7 onwards

• Resume A normal washing regime and get back to your usual schedule. There won’t be any issues with the water or with the shampoo when you wash your scalp at this point.

• Shaving the scalp with a razor is fine from day 7 onward. However, its not advisable to use one if there are still healing scabs on the skin.

• Get back to your usual  exercise routine and sweat as much as you’d like.


Day30 (after all sessions are complete)

• Fake tans, saunas and swimming pools are fine from here on.

• If you live in a warm, sunny climate or are going on holiday, take adequate precautions by using a quality, oil-free SPF 30 and above sun cream.

• Moisturise your scalp daily with a light moisturising cream.

• After all 3 sessions are complete and your scalp is healed, use a strong, oil-free, quality sun cream of SPF 30 or above on your scalp to prevent future fading of the pigment. We advise continuing to use sun cream on your head daily as part of your routine.

• Blood donors usually can’t give blood for 1 year following your treatment.

• Question? Concern? Please get in touch with us.

• In the unlikely event that  you are experience any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-treatment please get in touch with us.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in pigment fading.



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