Scalp Micropigmentation Versus Hair Transplants


Hair loss is a common condition that affects most men and women as they age, experience health crises, or find themselves in high-stress situations. Thinning hair follicles and increasing shedding typically follow physically traumatic events such as childbirth, hospital stays, or periods of grieving. If you are noticing balding spots, a widening hair part, or more strands of hair in your hairbrush than usual, there is hope.


While there is no perfect cure-all hair loss solution that is applicable for everyone, you have options other than surgery. Evolution Hair Clinic provides a hair loss treatment known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which mimics the look of your natural hair follicles when they are just starting to sprout from your scalp. SMP treatment is ideal for filling in balding spots and gives the illusion of having a full head of hair.


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Hair Transplants or SMP Treatments?


If you have been researching hair loss treatments, you might have come across hair transplants as a viable option for regaining your hair. While hair transplants are widely popular in the media, they may not be the best choice for your situation. When deciding between a hair transplant or an SMP treatment, it is essential to weigh the benefits and the costs.


Important Considerations for Hair Loss Treatments


  • Do I want to undergo surgery?


Hair transplants are considered invasive surgeries. They require the administration of local anaesthesia to numb the pain because your surgery entails cutting parts of your scalp and reattaching the hair follicles to your head. The transplant can last up to 10 hours because your doctor must carefully position each hair follicle onto your bald spots.


SMP treatment, on the other hand, does not require surgery. While hair transplants use your real hair to cover bald spots, an SMP treatment functions more like a scalp tattoo. An SMP session can take up to 3 hours because your technician essentially tattoos tons of tiny dots across your scalp.


However, with SMP treatments, you can expect less pain than a regular tattooing session because the pigments do not enter the upper layer of your skin.


  • How much downtime do I need to budget?

Hair transplants require a significant amount of recovery time. After your surgery, you may need to spend the night in the hospital for monitoring purposes. Pain management medications may be necessary for four days or more following the surgery.


You will also need to wash the sensitive area with saline spray multiple times a day and make time for twice-daily medical head washes. Additionally, surgeons recommend avoiding public transport and all exercise for weeks following your surgery.


Scalp micropigmentation treatments require zero downtime, allowing you to continue your normal activities without worry immediately following your session.


  • Will I see immediate results?


Multiple hair transplant sessions may be necessary to achieve your intended results. Donor areas on the back of your head may not initially have enough follicles to cover the entirety of the front of your head. Each additional surgery results in another scar, which means that you may have to experiment with different hairstyles if you wish to cover them.


Your transplant hair follicles will naturally fall out after 2-3 weeks following the operation. After around 18 months, you should be able to see the result.


SMP treatments provide immediate visible results with zero scarring. While you will leave your session with your ideal buzz cut style, you may still need 2 or 3 additional sessions for optimal covering, depending on the size of your bald spot. After 3-4 weeks, your pigmentation will fully set.


  • How cost-effective is the treatment?


Hair transplants are costly, and to add insult to injury, you will need to take time off from work to recuperate, meaning that your bank account may be feeling the strain. Because hair transplants are invasive surgeries, we recommend not cutting corners by booking heavily discounted transplants. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.


On the other hand, an SMP treatment costs about 50 to 80 percent less than a hair transplant, and you can return to work immediately.


Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments at Evolution Hair Clinic


Are you done with expensive foams, DIY tinctures, and filling in your hairline with eye shadow? If you are looking for a cost-effective treatment with minimal pain, zero downtime, and immediate results, choose the scalp micropigmentation treatment from Evolution Hair Clinic. Our qualified technicians are eager to help you regain your hairline and fill in any sparse areas with tiny spots of tattooed pigmentation.


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