Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Taking our scalp micropigmentation course will be one of the best decisions you’ve made this year…

About Our Training

Evolution Hair Clinic offers the most thorough, hands on scalp micropigmentation training course available. Our course is designed to accommodate the experience level of all our student from beginners with no experience to experienced PMUA/tattoo artists.


Training is delivered over four days at our state of the art training facility by multi award winning scalp micropigmentation expert Colin Smith. Our course is 90% practical and 10% theory. This ensures our students are given plenty hands on experience so they can enter the industry quickly and produce amazing, life changing results for their clients. At the end of your training course you will have the skills and knowledge to go out and get started quickly and confidently in this exploding industry.


On the final day you will receive a certificate of completion, the latest state of the art wireless SMP machine and enough consumables for your first twenty clients. All students are also given life time support from Colin to help you as you build your experience. We are always on hand to help and never more than a phone call away.



Why Train With Us?

• We are the most experienced SMP artists and trainers in Scotland and the UK as a whole.

• Colin is a multi award winning artist and one of only a handful of artists world wide to have an NVQ level four accreditation in scalp micropigmentation so we can provide the most in depth, detailed training in the UK.

• Zero experience is required, we will teach you absolutely everything needed to get started quickly and confidently.

• You will train in a state of the art training facility, in a friendly relaxed environment.

• Our training is insurance approved.

• you will receive free lifetime support after training.

• You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course.

• You will receive your very own (best on the market) wireless SMP pen and enough consumables for your first twenty clients.

• We will carry out live SMP demonstrations during training.

• All live models are supplied for you to work on during training.

• All subjects are covered from clinic set up to website set up and how to deliver world class treatments on all skin types.

• Our course is very well structured, easy to follow and understand modules.

• You will get many hours of practical hands on practise.

• Our course is the most comprehensive and detailed course in the UK bar none.


Learn Scalp Micropigmentation The Right Way

Scalp Micropigmentation is an industry that is growing exponentially year on year. Although this is great for us SMP artists, unfortunately there is a downside. Many inexperienced non-certified “artists” are offering poor quality, low cost training. Some of these providers have literally taken an online course and do not have the experience to teach SMP themselves. To establish a successful business within our industry, correct, in-person and in depth training is paramount.


At Evolution Hair Clinic we have noticed more and more students who have come to us having to spent more money to re-train the right way. When trying to solve such a sensitive issue as hair loss your clients deserve the very best. Investing in yourself and the correct training is a worth while investment.


At Evolution Hair Clinic we are very passionate about what we do. So much so we guarantee that every student has the complete knowledge and skill set package to thrive in this rewarding industry.


We often hear people on social media saying its just dots on a person head but it’s so much more. Not only will we teach you everything about how to carry out flawless treatments we also teach you about all the other background stuff. Taking client images, how to set up your website in ten minutes, how to market your business, social media and all the other little things you need to make it come together.


Our training course is formatted to be practical and hands on which we have found is by far the best way to learn. We have had students who have  paid thousands of pounds to attend previous SMP courses elsewhere where they have simply sat and watched slides on a projector for most of the course. At Evolution Hair Clinic we understand that people learn by doing so we get you on the tools practising your new skills from day one. You will also gain invaluable experience and have the first photos for your portfolio working on live models. By the end of the course you will have everything in your tool kit ready to hit the ground running and get your business started.


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