Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in a general sense is a type of cosmetic tattoo. However its so much more..


• The practitioner uses pigment specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation that cannot change colour.

• We deposit the pigment at half the depth of a tattoo.

• All the needles we use are at least half the diameter of tattoo needles.





The SMP practitioner deposits pigment into the skin to replicate real hair follicles. Once finished, the client will have the look of a shaved head or buzz cut.


In addition, scalp micropigmentation is also useful for thinning hair. The artist works between the hair to add density as a result the clients hair appears thicker and fuller.


To carry out scalp micropigmentation we use a scalp micropigmentation pen (similar to a tattoo pen). We insert a special nano needle cartridges into the pen to skilfully deposit pigment into the skin. Most treatments are carried out over 3 separate appointments. These are specifically spaced ten to twenty days apart. This allows time for each treatment to settle and heal.


At each treatment appointment the SMP artist builds on the density of the previous session. They will use several different shades and needle sizes to give a 3d natural look to the finished result. It is a subtle build up over the three sessions.





The tiny impression created replicate the size shape and shade of real hair follicles almost flawlessly.


Once complete the treatment is very natural looking and indistinguishable from real hair even up close.  If you don’t tell anyone you have had scalp micropigmentation they won’t know.


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scalp micropigmentation close up from the front of the face
Scalp micropigmentation close up form the left handisde of the face